1. Story Of David And Svea Flood
2. Our Journey Together Is So Short
3. A Horse And A Goat
4. Hold On To Christ
5. Lawyer And Judge
6. Gold or Silver?
7. Little Spark Of Love
8. Self Realization
9. The Parable Of The Rat Trap
10. Inner Ego
11. A Blind Girl
12. Coffee On Wall
13. Please Help Me Understand
14. Change Your Nature
15. Rise Above Criticism
16. Nine Short Stories
17. An Angry Cobra
18. What You Sow, You Reap
19. The Pearl Necklace
20. Hope For Every Parent
21. Man And Four Sons
22. Resources Belong To The Society
23. A Lady In A Flight
24. The Story of Colonnel Sanders
25. Life In Order
26. From The Devil
27. I Almost Sold Your Son
28. God's Rosebud
29. A Story Of Michael Jordan
30. Building An Empire
31. Thanks For Your Time
32. On His Way To The Church
33. Are You Jesus?
34. Wet Pants
35. Story Of Harakhchand Sawla
36. Nature Of The Material World
37. A Man With Four Wives
38. Sweetness Of Sour Oranges
39. The Choir Team
40. Evil Does Not Exist?
41. Heaven On Earth?
42. Being Happy
43. Who Is Richer?
44. Divinely Inspired Push
45. The Story Of Marvan Atapatu
46. Young Lady And Psychiatrist
47. What Comes Out of You?
48. Dogs And Wolves
49. Mine You Illegally
50. The Pigeon Story
51. The Parable Of The Empty Boat
52. Bombay To Bangalore
53. Hearing Problem
54. Monkeys In A Village
55. An Engine In A Factory
56. Value Of Life
57. Frog In A Vessel
58. Church Goer
59. Teamwork And Humanity
60. Timber Merchant
61. What Goes Around Comes Around
62. Jonah And The Whale
63. A Cruise Ship
64. The Pastor's Cat
65. The Broken Pot
66. Christian Always On Duty
67. HR Manager In Heaven
68. Good News And Bad News
69. Old Age Home
70. Undeniable Facts
71. We Are Nothing Without Each Other
72. Make Amends
73. Stress & Tension
74. Never Conclude For Others
75. Value Of Helping Family
76. Law Of The Garbage Truck
77. Silversmith
78. Selfless Real Love
79. Lesson From An Ant
80. Doctor shocks, Engineer Rocks
81. Why Me?
82. Prepare Children For The Road
83. Positioned In The Right Place
84. We Are Never Alone
85. Spider Web
86. Adore Whatever You Have In Life
87. Father And Son - 5 Star Hotel
88. Not A Single Conflict
89. Planting The Seed
90. Life Is Just A Moment
91. Association
92. A Person On His Death Bed
93. Respect Is A Two Way Street
94. Are You Hurt?
95. A Boy With Few Shells
96. The Missing Goat
97. Mother Flying A Kite
98. Excellence - driven from inside
99. Lesson From Giraffe
100. Tomatoes In A Plastic Bag
101. Evening Dinner With A Father
102. Positive In Negatives
103. Hold The Door Open
104. A Tale Of Two Seas
105. A Great Equalizer
106. The Power Of Faith
107. Saved And Lost
108. Three Little Trees
109. Whatever Became Of Evangelism
110. Potatoes, Eggs And Coffee Beans

Story Of David And Svea Flood

In 1921, a missionary couple named David and Svea Flood went with their two-year-old son David, from Sweden to the heart of Africa-to what was then called the Belgian Congo. They met up with another young Scandinavian couple, the Ericksons, and the four of them sought God for direction. In those days of much tenderness and devotion and sacrifice, they felt led of the Lord to go out from the main mission station and take the gospel to a remote area. This was a huge step of faith. At the remote village of N'dolera they were rebuffed by the chief, who would not let them enter his village for fear of alienating the local gods. The two couples opted to go half a mile up the slope and build their own mud huts.

They prayed for a spiritual breakthrough, but there was none. Their only contact with the villagers was a young boy, who was allowed to sell them chickens and eggs twice a week. Svea Flood - a tiny woman missionary only four feet, eight inches tall, decided that if this was the only African she could talk to, she would try to lead the boy to Jesus. And in fact, after many weeks of loving and witnessing to him, he trusted Christ as his Savior.

But there were no other encouragements. Meanwhile, malaria continued to strike one member of the little band after another. In time the Ericksons decided they had had enough suffering and left to return to the central mission station. David and Svea Flood remained near N'dolera to go on alone.

Then, of all things, Svea found herself pregnant in the middle of the primitive wilderness. When the time came for her to give birth (1923), the village chief softened enough to allow a midwife to help her. A little girl was born, whom they named Aina (A-ee-nah).

The delivery, however, was exhausting, and Svea Flood was already weak from bouts of malaria. The birth process was a heavy blow to her stamina. After seventeen desperate days of prayer and struggle, she died.

Inside David Flood, something snapped in that moment. His heart full of bitterness, he dug a crude grave, buried his twenty-seven-year-old wife and took his children back down the mountain to the mission station. Giving his newborn daughter to the Ericksons, he said, "I'm going back to Sweden. I've lost my wife, and I can't take care of this baby. God has ruined my life." With two year old David, he headed for the coast, rejecting not only his calling, but God himself.

Within eight months both the Ericksons were stricken with a mysterious illness (some believe they were poisoned by a local chief who hated the missionaries) and died within days of each other. The nine month old baby Aina was given to an American missionary couple named Berg, who adjusted her Swedish name to "Aggie" and eventually brought her back to the United States at age three.

The Bergs loved little Aggie but were afraid that if they tried to return to Africa, some legal obstacle might separate her from them since they had at that time, been unable to legally adopt her. So they decided to stay in the United States and switch from missionary work to pastoral ministry. And that is how Aggie grew up in South Dakota. As a young woman, she attended North Central Bible college in Minneapolis. There she met and married a young preacher named Dewey Hurst.

Years passed. The Hursts enjoyed a fruitful ministry. Aggie gave birth first to a daughter, then a son. In time her husband became president of a Christian college in the Seattle area, and Aggie was intrigued to find so much Scandinavian heritage there.

One day around 1963, a Swedish religious magazine appeared in her mailbox. She had no idea who sent it, and of course she couldn't read the words. But as she turned the pages, all of a sudden a photo stopped her cold. There in a primitive setting in the heart of Africa was a grave with a white cross and on the cross was her mother's name, SVEA FLOOD.

Aggie jumped in her car and drove straight to a college faculty member who, she knew, could translate the article. "What does this say?" she asked.

The instructor translated the story:

It tells about missionaries who went to N'dolera in the heart of the Belgian Congo in 1921… the birth of a white baby girl… the death of the young missionary mother… the one little African boy who had been led to Christ… and how, after the all whites had left, the little African boy grew up and persuaded the chief to let him build a school in the village.

The article told how that gradually the now grown up boy won all his students to Christ… the children led their parents to Christ… even the chief had become a Christian. Today (1963) there were six hundred Christian believers in that one village.

Because of the willingness of David and Svea Flood to answer God's call to Africa, because they endured so much but were still faithful to witness and lead one little boy to trust Jesus, God had saved six hundred people.