17. Emotional Immaturity Vs Emotional Maturity
16. Religion And Gospel
15. Intelligence And Wisdom
14. Teacher And Guru
13. Spiritual Gifts And Talents
12. Spiritual Gifts And Fruit Of The Spirit
11. Love And Lust
10. Live Churches And Dead Churches
9. Unbroken And Broken People
8. Children Learn What They Live
7. Man And God
6. Self-Centered Life And Self-Centered Deeds
5. Man's Way And God's Way
4. Men And Women
3. Winner And Loser
2. Competitors And Innovaters
1. Manager And Leader

Manager And Leader

No. Manager Leader
1 Doing things right Doing right things
2 Efficient in climbing success ladder Choosing the right wall for leaning the ladder
3 Works well in peace time Works well in crisis time too
4 Plans and budgets Sets direction
5 Performs organizing and staffing function Performs aligning function
6 Utilizes material resources Utilizes human resources also
7 Uses authority Uses power